Difference Between Static Testing and Dynamic Testing

What is Static Testing ?

Static testing is defined as the , finding the bug without executing the source code is known as the static testing .Static testing is also called as the verification.
Static testing is a process in which it manually check the code , CRS document (customer requirement Specification document ) ,Designing document to find the bugs.

The main of doing static testing is to improve the quality of application by finding the bug in early stage of software development .

Static Testing Technique
In software testing there are 4 types of technique available which are listed below .
  • Informal review
  • Technical review
  • Walkthrough
  • Inspection
  • Code review
What is Dynamic Testing:
Dynamic testing is defined as the ' Process of finding the bug by executing the code , In dynamic testing we check the functional behavior of software . Dynamic testing is also known as the validation.
The main aim of doing the dynamic testing is to confirm the behavior of application met to customer requirement or not.

Dynamic Testing Technique 
  • Unit Testing 
  • Integration Testing 
  • System testing 

Difference Between Static Testing and Dynamic Testing 

Static :        No need of executing the code.
Dynamic : Need to execute the code. 

Static :        Static testing is process oriented .

Dynamic : Dynamic testing is product oriented .

Static :        It focus on process used to develop a product .

Dynamic : It focus on testing of developed product.

Static :        Also Called as Verification.
Dynamic : Also Called as Validation.

Static :        Static testing does the verification process
Dynamic : it does the validation process.

Static :        We do static testing to prevent the defects.
Dynamic : We do the dynamic testing to find the defects 

Static :        It involves walkthrough , inspection and review.
Dynamic : It involves actual testing.

Hope!!! the above tutorial of difference between dynamic and static testing helpful for you..
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Difference Between static and dynamic testing

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