Difference Between Retesting and Regression Testing

What is Retesting ?
Retesting is type of testing which is performed by test engineers to check the test cases that were unsuccessful in final execution .and that test cases get passed when the defect are repaired .
In general language we define retesting as" the process of testing the fix bug is called as the retesting"

What is Regression Testing ?
Regression Testing is a types of software testing . Regression testing is defined as the testing the application to make sure that  it is not get affected by the changes .in other word we can say that testing the existing functionalities of application just make  sure that application  not affected by new changes (Here changes Could be addition of new feature , Removal of feature , bug fixes,...etc)

"Re-execution of test cases also known as the regression testing"

Difference Between Re-testing and Regression testing 

Retesting :   Testing The Fix again.
Regression: Re-execution of test cases and checking the                                   impact of changes on other module  .

Retesting :   Defect verification is come under retesting.
Regression: Defect verification not come under the                                          regression testing.

Retesting :   Retesting can not be automate.
Regression: Regression can be automate .

Retesting :   Retesting is done for fail test cases.
Regression: Regression testing done for pass test cases .

Retesting :   Retesting is also called as the planned testing.
Regression: Regression testing is also called as the generic                             testing.

Retesting :   Retesting has higher priority than regression                                testing .
Regression: Regression testing can be carried out parallel                               with retesting .

Retesting :   

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Difference between regression and retesting

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