Volume Testing in software Testing With Examples

Volume Testing in Performance Testing

What is Volume Testing?
Volume testing is a type of performance testing which is done to check the data volume handled by the database. Volume testing is non-functional testing in software testing that is done to check the performance of an application when a huge amount of data getting transferred. In software engineering volume testing is also known as flood testing.
With the help of volume testing, we can measure the response time and system behaviour when a high volume of data is exposed.

Volume Testing Examples
Following are the volume testing examples.

Music App : 
Testing the site behaviour when thousands of users download the song from the site.
E-commerce Site:

Volume Testing Characteristics 

Characteristics of volume testing are given below.

  • At the time of development, only a small amount of data was tested.
  • Test data for volume testing is generated through the test generator.
  • Generated test data should be logically correct.
  • Test cases are created from designed documents.
  • After the completion of testing, test results are locked to bring it to closure.
Why do volume Testing?
Below is the main reason for performing volume testing.
  • By Performing volume testing we analyze the issues that occur with large data.
  • By doing volume testing we can determine the degradation point of the application and the stability of the degradation.
  • Volume testing helps to analyze the maximum volume and minimum volume Capacity of the system.
  • Volume testing helps to determine the performance of the application by increasing the volume of data in the database.
Check List For volume Testing
Following are the attribute that is checked while performing volume testing. 
  • Application Response Time
  • Data Storage 
  • Data loss
  • Data overwriting
Volume Testing Tools
Following are the frequently used volume testing tools.
  • DbFit
  • HammerDb
  • JdbcSlim
  • NoSQLMap
  • Ruby-PLSQL-spec
Volume testing vs load Testing 
The basic difference between load testing and volume testing is given below.

Volume Testing: Testing the system with a large amount of data in the database.
Load Testing: Testing the behaviour of the application when multiple users access the system simultaneously.

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Volume testing in Software Testing with example

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