Endurance Testing in Software Testing With Example , Definition , Tools

Endurance Testing in Performance Testing With Example

Endurance Testing With Example

Endurance Testing Or Soak Testing 
Endurance Testing is a type of performance testing that is done to check whether an application can sustain under a huge expected load continued over a long amount of time and also to evaluate the behavior of the system. The main purpose of doing endurance testing is to ensure that the application is able to handle the extended load without any downfall in response time.
Endurance = Capacity (Endurance means capacity )

Endurance Testing is 
  • A type of software testing.
  • A type of non-functional testing.
  • Also called soak testing, longevity testing, and Capacity Testing.
  • A subtype of load testing.
Endurance Testing in software testing

Endurance Testing Example 
An example of endurance testing is given below.

Banking Application:
On the bank closing days, the system or application is tested to know, if the system can sustain under continuous expected load or a large number of transactions for long.

The above example is a perfect and simple example of endurance testing.

How to Perform Endurance Testing?
Below are the steps given, How to do endurance testing.
  • Establish Test environment 
  • Create test Plan
  • Create Test scenarios
  • Estimate test cycle
  • Risk Analysis
  • Test scheduling
  • Test Execution
  • test Closure 
Endurance Testing Tools
Following are the frequently used endurance testing tools.

  • WebLoad
  • LoadComplete
  • ApacheJmeter
  • LoadRunner
  • OpenSTA
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • LoadUI
  • Appearance 
Above volume testing tools are most frequently used by performance testers except above there are so many other tools available in the market for volume testing.

Advantages of Endurance Testing

Some important Advantages of endurance testing are given below
  • Endurance testing helps to analyze the workload that can a system hold under load.
  • Endurance testing helps to check performance degradation in the system after a long period of execution.

Disadvantages of Endurance Testing
Endurance testing disadvantages are given below. 
  • Resource utilization is very high.
  • Some components fail to respond.
  • Chances of permanent data loss by overstressing the application.

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