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Stress Testing in Software Testing with Example

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Stress Testing in Performance with Example

Stress Testing 
Stress Testing is a testing technique used to verify the stability and reliability of the application.

In Simple Language 
"Testing the stability and response time of the application by applying load which is more than the design no of the user.
Stress testing is done to make sure that the system working fine or not under a crunch situation. Stress testing emphasizes robustness, availability and error handling when there is a heavy load.

Stability: Ability of the application to handle the load.

Stress testing is non-functional testing. Stress testing Basically determines the application on its robustness and error handling when there is a heavy load condition. stress testing even tests beyond the normal load and analyses how the application works when there are extreme conditions. it is performed to ensure that the system does not crash when there are crunch situations. Stress testing is also called Endurance Testing or Torture Testing.

Stress Testing With Example

Example Of Stress Testing 
Suppose there is an e-commerce Site that is designed for 2000 users means the site will work smoothly for 200o users. However, the performance tester hit more than 2000 users on site to test the stress and checked the stability and response time of the site for more than 2000 users. 

Why do We Do Stress Testing?

There are various reason for doing stress testing which is listed below.
  • Stress Testing allows the testing team to monitor application performance during failures.
  • We do stress testing to verify that if the system has saved all the records before crashing or not
  • We do stress testing just to verify if the system prints meaningful error messages while crashing or not
  • We do stress testing to verify if unexpected failures of the application do not cause any security issues.

Types Of Stress Testing 

1) Server client Stress Testing
In this , Testing is done across all clients from the server. This is also called as the distributed client-server system.

Stress Testing in Software Testing with Example

2) Application Stress Testing 

The Main Focus of the application stress testing is to find defects related to data locking, blocking network-related and performance bottlenecks in the product.

3) Transaction Stress Testing 

In this, Testing performed on one or more transactions between two or more system transaction stress testing is carried out for fine-tuning and optimizing the application.

4) Systematic Stress Testing 
it is integrated testing which is used to perform tests across more than one system running on the same server. Systematic stress testing is used to discover defects where one system data blocks another system. 

Stress Testing Tools
A list of Stress-testing tools given below 
1. Jmeter
2. Load Runner
3. Stress Tester
4. Neo load

Stress Testing Process 

Who Performs the Stress Testing?
Generally, Stress Testing is done by an experienced performance tester.

Advantages of Stress Testing 
The main advantage of stress testing is given below.
  •  Stress testing is used to determine the behaviour of the application after failure and ensures that the system recovers quickly.
  • it ensures that system failure does not cause any issues related to security 
  •  This testing makes the application work in normal as well as abnormal conditions in the appropriate way.

Hope !! The above tutorial on Stress testing with examples is helpful for you...

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Stress Testing in Software Testing  

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