Concurrency Testing With Example

 What is concurrency Testing ?

Concurrency testing is a testing technique which performed to identify the defect in an application when number of user are logged in at the same time and perform the same action . This is also called as the multi-user testing . In software testing concurrency play a significant role , it help in detecting and measuring the problem inn system parameter as -
Response Time 
System crashed 

Concurrency Testing Example 
Tatkal Ticket Booking :
The best and simplest example of concurrent testing is tatkal train ticket booking , where multiple user are try to login to IRCTC at same time ie.10 and 11 with different platforms.

Concurrency Testing Tools
There are no of concurrency testing tool are available in market some of mostly widely tool for is given below .
  • Load Runner
  • Jmeter -we can perform concurrency testing using jmeter 
  • Selenium 
Concurrency Testing Method
To perform the concurrent testing follow the below steps.
  • Create Plan 
  • Analyze the test Plan 
  • Define the scope
  • Create scenarios 
  • Create Environment 
  • Now Execute the plan
Concurrency Testing - Why ?
  • Concurrency testing  helps to identify the effect of accessing same data base record when multiple user perform same action same time.
  • It also helps to identify the effect of accessing same module when multiple user perform same action same time.
  • Concurrency helps improving robustness and reliability of concurrent program. 
Advantage : 
  • Concurrency Testing helps to check the effect on system when multiple user performing same action at same time . Concurrency Testing helps in improving robustness of concurrent programs. 
  • Concurrency Testing used to identify issues like deadlock , increased response time, system crashes.
Disadvantage :
  • For concurrency testing need to test on multiple platform . For concurrency testing require more intensive tests.
  •  In concurrency testing most of defect are time related and difficult to reproduce . 
  • For concurrency testing creating test cases are very difficult job tester needs to interact with developer daily basis. 
  • While performing the concurrency testing there are chances that new error may occur in code .

Hope above tutorial of concurrency testing with example helpful for you ...
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Concurrency Testing With Example 


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