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Globalization Testing In Software Testing With Example

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 What Is Globalization Testing?

Globalization testing is a type of software testing that is performed to ensure that a system or application working fine or not in a geographical and cultural environment.
In other words, we can say that
 “If application or system developed for multiple languages then globalization testing comes into the picture”.
Example of Globalization Testing 

Objective of Globalization Testing
The objectives of globalization testing are as follows.
  • To verify the different aspects of the application /system.
  • To verify that the application /system supports all languages around the world.
  • To verify the interface of the application.
  • The main objective of the application is to focus on the worldwide experience. 
What is the need for Globalization Testing?
We need to perform globalization testing to perform the following conditions.
Language Vocabulary 
The application should be designed in such a way that it can easily understand multiple languages across the world.
 Example -
India - English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc.
US/UK - English language.
Date and Time Format 
The timing and date of application vary from one place to another place.
India - DD/MM/YYYY
The application should support both 24 Hrs and 12 Hrs.
Currency Format 
The application should support all kinds of currency formats because every country has their own currency format
India- Rupee
US -Dollar
Phone and Mobile Number 
Every country has a different phone number and mobile number format and the ISD code also may vary from country to country.
Example :
India - +91
Pakistan - +92
Pin code Format :
The pin code format of every country varies and every country has its own format. (name can vary from country to country )
Example -
US- 12201-7050
Advantages of Globalization Testing 

Disadvantage of Globalization testing 

Hope !!! The above tutorial on Globalization testing in software testing is helpful for you...

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Globalization Testing With Example

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