Localization Testing In Software Testing With Example

Localization Testing in Software Testing?

Localization testing is a software testing type in which QA engineers Verify the quality of the product for a specific culture and locale. This testing is performed only on the local version of the product. The main aim of doing localization testing is that the application is capable enough to be used in that specific region.
Localization testing is also known as the "L10N" just because there are 10 characters between L and N in the Localization word.
What to Test in Localization Testing?

Below is the checklist to check while localization testing.
  • Interface
  • language vocabulary
  • currency format
  • date & time format
  • Postal Code 
  • Address
  • Name and surname order
for that specific country/Locale only.
Example of localization Testing
 If a software/Application called “Uttar Pradesh Sarkar” is developed for the state “Uttar Pradesh” in India, the developed application should be in Hindi and the Hindi virtual keyword should be present.

Localization Testing Tools 
There are lots of tools available in the market for localization testing, some of the famous tools which frequently used in the industry are listed below.
  • Selenium 
  • eggPlant
  • Alchemy Catalyt
  • SDL Passolo
Purpose of Localization Testing 
The main of doing localization testing is to check appropriate linguistic and cultural aspects for a specific region. During localization testing, different testers will repeat the same function again and again to verify the different aspects like cultural appropriateness of UI typographical errors, cultural appropriateness of UI, linguistic errors, etc.

Localization Testing Process
Follow the below steps for the localization testing 
  • Environment Setup 
  • Select the product 
  • Generate Script 
  • Comparison 
  • Analysis and Result

Life cycle of Localization Testing 

Localization testing process

Localization Testing Automation
The tester can perform localization testing with the automation tool .for a small project tester performs localization testing manually if the project is big then the tester should go for automation.

  • Select the automation tool
  • Identify  the test scenarios for localization testing 
  • Write the test script 
  • Check the result and change the status of test cases Pass/Fail
Localization Testing Checklist 
The checklist for localization testing is listed below.
  • Pre-localization Testing
  • Regional Specification
  • Language
  • Appearance/Layout
  • Functionality
Advantage : 
The advantages of localization testing are as follows.
  • Reduce the cost of the overall testing 
  • Reduce the cost of overall support 
  • Reduce the time of testing 
  • Has more scalability and flexibility 
These are the benefits of localization testing.

Disadvantage :
Below are some disadvantages of localization testing is given 
  • Perform localization testing requires a local domain expert 
  • Having a local translator makes the process expensive 
  • There might be schedule challenges for the QA engineers.
Above is the list of advantages of localization testing.

Hope !!! The above tutorial on Localization testing is helpful for you ...

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Localization Testing in software testing with example

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