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Roles and Responsibilities of Software Tester - Designation and Job Title

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Roles and Responsibilities of Software Tester

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the roles and responsibilities of a test engineer / QA / Manual tester.

Software Tester Job Profile 

In the Information technology (IT) industry software testers are responsible for the quality of applications and deployment. They are involved in performing testing of applications (manual + automation ) to ensure that the software developed by the developer meets the end user's expectations.

Software testing Designation - What are the Designations for Software Testing Profile?

  • QA Engineer
  • QA Engineer I
  • QA Engineer II 
  • QA Engineer III
  • Senior QA Engineer 
  • Principal QA Engineer 

  • QA Lead
  • Sr. QA Lead
  • QA Engineering Manager
  • Sr. QA Engineering Manager
  • Director of QA 
  • Senior Director of QA
  • Director of Engineering
  • Senior Director of Engineering
  • VP of Engineering
  • Senior VP of Engineering
  • CTO. 
Roles in Software Testing -Software Testing job Titles Hierarchy
In Software Testing, there are 7 main roles.
  • Junior Software Tester / QA Engineer 
  • Senior Software Tester / Senior QA Engineer 
  • Test Architect QA Lead / Test Lead 
  • QA Manager / Test Manager 
  • Quality Head 
  • Delivery Head
Job Title in Software Testing - What are the Job titles for software testers

Roles and Responsibility of Software Tester

The roles and responsibilities of the Software Tester / QA Analyst are as follows -
  • Understanding requirements 
  • preparation of the test plan  
  • Writing of  test cases (test scripts)
  • Conduct functional testing 
  • Execution of test cases 
  • Bug Reporting 
  • Discuss bug fixes with developers 
  • Track the life cycle of bugs
  • Re-test fixed bugs Analyze testing
  • Optimize the testing process 
  • Analyze the teamwork processes
  • Improve processes 
  • Maintain the test documentation
What is the Quality of a Good Tester?  -"Ability to find the defect "
The quality of a good tester is as follows -
  • Pride in the quality of the application, not bugs
  • willingness to learn new Skills
  • ability to use real-life scenarios
  • Consistency
  • ability to prioritize

Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Test Engineer
The roles and responsibilities of an automation tester are as follows -
  • Selection of test cases for automation from test case documentation. 
  • Applying Designing and Test Automation Strategy Document 
  • Ability to create an automated test plan
  • Set up Selenium Test Environment ( Java, Selenium WebDriver and TestNG, Maven, etc.).  
  •  Implementation of Automation framework according to the project structure. 
  • Creating, Running Test Cases.
  • Handling Changes and regression testing. 
  • ability to coordinate the members of the Testing team and the development team to resolve the defects. 
  • ability to interact with people on the client side, to solve their issues. 
  • ability to create a software defect tracking report for the entire project.

Hope !!! The above tutorial " Software Tester Roles and Responsibility" is helpful for you ...

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Software Tester Roles and Responsibilities

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