Software Testing Roles and Responsibilities -QA Roles and Responsibilities

  Software Tester Roles and Responsibilities 

In this tutorial we are going to learn about the roles and responsibilities of test engineer / QA / Manual tester .

Software tester job profile 
In Information technology (IT) industry software tester are responsible for the quality of application and deployment . They are involved in performing testing of application (manual + automation ) to ensure that software developed by developer meets the end used expectation.

Roles and responsibility of a tester / test engineer are as follows -
  • Understanding requirements 
  • preparation of test plan  
  • Writing of  test cases (test scripts)
  • Conduct functional testing 
  • Execution of testcases 
  • Bug Reporting 
  • Discuss bug fixes with developers 
  • Track the life cycle of bugs
  • Re-test fixed bugs Analyze testing
  • Optimize the testing process 
  • Analyze the teamwork processes
  • Improve processes 
  • Maintain the test documentation
What are the quality of good tester 
         -"Ability to find the defect "
Quality of a good tester are as follows -
  • Pride in quality of application not bugs
  • willingness to learn new Skills
  • ability to use real-life scenarios
  • Consistency
  • ability to prioritise

  • Roles and Responsibilities of automation test engineer?
Roles and responsibilities of a automation tester are as follows -
  • Selection test cases for automation from test case documentation. 
  • Applying Designing and Test Automation Strategy Document 
  • Ability to create automation test plan
  • Setup Selenium Test Environment ( Java, Selenium WebDriver and TestNG , Maven etc.).  
  •  Implementation of Automation framework according to project structure. 
  • Creating, Running Test Cases.
  • Handling Changes and regression testing . 
  • ability to coordination of the members of the Testing team and the development team to resolve the defects. 
  • ability to interact with people of client side , to solve their issues . 
  • ability to create a software defect tracking report entire project .

Hope !!! Above tutorial " Software tester roles and responsibility" helpful for you ...
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Software Testing Roles and Responsibilities


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