Test Plan in Software Testing - How to Create a Test Plan For Software Testing


              Test Plan in Software Testing With Example 

What Is Test Plan?

Test Plan in software testing is a document that contains Scope, test strategy, objectives, schedule of intended testing activities, estimation, deliverables, and resources (Software ,Hardware and human Resource) required to perform testing. A test plan is base of software that helps to determine the test effort to validate the quality of product under test. Test Plan work as blueprint during testing of application . A test plan developed during the early phase of project.

Test Plan contains following information 
  • Objective of testing effort 
  • Testing Approaches - How testing Will Conducted
  • Testing Areas - Feature , Component to be tested 
  • Schedule - Times estimation 
  • Resource  - Hardware software and Human Resources 

Types of Test Plan 
In Software testing test plan are divided into 3 part 
  • Master Test Plan 
  • Phase Test Plan 
  • Specific Test Plan

How to Write a Test Plan 
Creation of test plan is most important and Responsible task of test management process it is the main document of entire testing process known as the "Project Test Plan " Or " Master Test Plan " . As per IEEE 892 below seven steps to be followed during creation of test plan .
  • Understand and Analyze the Application 
  • Prepare the Test Strategy 
  • Define the Test Objectives 
  • Define Test Criteria 
  • Resource Planning Plan (Hardware , software and Human )
  • Test Environment ( Hardware and software )
  • Schedule & Estimation 
  • Determine Test Deliverables
How to create a test plan for software testing?


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Test Plan In software Testing 


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