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Selenium Interview Question Answer For Fresher and Experienced

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Top Selenium Interview Question and Answer

Here!!! The top 50 Selenium Interview question list is given...

  • Top Selenium Interview Question for Freshers (0-1 Year Experienced)

Beginner-Level Selenium Interview Questions
Here List of interview questions asked interview for freshers is given.

  • What is Selenium (definition)?
  • What are the Selenium suite components?
  • What are the advantages of using Selenium as an automation tool?
  • What is test automation or automation testing?
  • What are the advantages of automation testing?
  • What is Selenese? How is it classified?
  • What are the limitations of Selenium testing?
  • What is the difference between Selenium 2.0 and Selenium 3.0?
  • What are the testing types supported by Selenium
  • What are the different types of annotations which are used in Selenium?
  • Explain the difference between single slash and double slash in XPath.
  • What is the same-origin policy and how is it handled?
  • Mention the types of Web locators.
  • What are the types of waits supported by WebDriver?
  • Mention the types of navigation commands
  • What is the major difference between driver.close() and driver.quit()?
  • What makes Selenium such a widely used testing tool? Give reasons.
  • Why is it advised to select Selenium as a testing tool for web applications or systems?
  • What is an exception test in Selenium?
  • How to wait until a web page has been loaded completely in Selenium?
  • What is Selenium WebDriver?
  • Is Selenium WebDriver a library?
  • Which browsers/drivers are supported by Selenium Webdriver?
  • Explain Selenium 4 and why it is different from other Selenium versions?
  • What will happen if I execute this command? driver.get
  • What is an alternative option to driver.get() method to open a URL in Selenium Web Driver?
  • Is it possible to test APIs or web services using Selenium Webdriver?
  • How can we move to the nth-child element using XPath?
  • How can we type text in a textbox using Selenium?
  • How to add text in the text box without using sendkeys()?
  • How can you click on a hyperlink in Selenium?
  • What is assertion in Selenium and what are the types of assertion?
  • What is an object repository?

  • Selenium Interview Questions For Experienced
 Mid-Level Selenium Interview Question

  • How to type text in an input box using Selenium?
  • How to scroll down a page using JavaScript?
  • How to assert the title of a webpage?
  • How to mouse hover over a web element?
  • How to retrieve CSS properties of an element?
  • Can Captcha be automated?
  • How does Selenium handle Windows-based pop-ups?
  • Why do testers choose Selenium over QTP?
  • What are the data-driven framework and keyword-driven framework?
  • What is the difference between getwindowhandles() and getwindowhandle()?
  • What is a Selenium Maven project?
  • What is exactly meant by a WebElement in Selenium, and how is it used?

Hope!!! The above tutorial on Selenium Webdriver interview questions is helpful for you...

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