Difference Between Severity and Priority

What is Severity ?
Severity is defined as the "Impact of defect on defect on software "Severity is a parameter which indicate the impact of defect on functionality of the application.
Basically Severity means the seriousness of the defect on customer business.In software testing severity is set by the QA engineers .

Type of Defect Severity 
In software testing severity divided into 5 part which are listed below .

  • Blocker
  • Critical
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Trivial 
What is Priority ?
Priority is defined as the "Which defect  are going to fix first , how soon defect are going to fix or order in which the bug will be fix.
High priority defect should be fixed soon .In software testing priority set by the developer , Lead , manager .

Types of Defect priority
In Software testing Defect priority are divided in four part
  • Highest 
  • High
  • medium
  • Low
Difference Between Severity and Priority 
The basic difference between between severity and priority given below .

Severity : Severity is impact of defect on software                                          functionality .
Priority  : Priority has defined the order in which the defect                      will fix.

Severity : severity divided into 5 type (Blocker , Critical ,                             Major , Minor , Trivial )
Priority  :Priority divided into 4 type (Highest , high ,                                 Medium , Low)

Severity : Test engineer the Set the severity level 
Priority  : Manger Set the priority level.

Severity : Severity is related to the functionality or                                       Standard .
Priority  : Priority is related with scheduling  

Severity : Severity means impact of defect on business .
Priority  : Priority means how soon defect will fixed .

Severity : Severity is set on the basis of technical aspect.

Priority  : Priority is set on the basis of customer                                            requirement. 

Example of priority and severity 
Basic example of severity and priority given below 

 1) High priority and high severity .
In login page when enter valid user name and password and click on login button if page redirect to error page then this type of defect consider as the high priority and high severity defect .

 2) High Priority and low severity .
If there is spelling mistake in the company name of any website consider as the high priority and low severity defect .

 3) Low Priority and high Severity .
The login page of any application not working in other browser then this type of defect comes under the Low priority and high severity .

 4) Low Priority and Low Severity .
If there is any spelling mistake in confirmation message then this type of defect comes under the Low Severity and Low priority .

Hope !!!The above tutorial difference between priority and severity helpful for you ..
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