Spike Testing With Example

What is Spike Testing ?
Spike testing is a type of software testing in which system is tested with sudden increment and decrement in the load . The main goal of doing spike testing is to check the behaviour of application after a extreme variation in traffic .Spike testing also determine the recovery time after spike of huge load .The word spike means sudden "Increase " & "decrease ".
To estimate the weakness of an application we do the spike testing.

Spike Testing Example 
Example of spike testing given below .
E-commerce Website
  • On any particular day when site give the spacial deals with great discount.
  • On launching on new item (eg. phone ) when it goes live for sale.
Live streaming App
  • When any live streaming shows goes live for free. 
  • Or when any famous shows goes live .
Normal Website 
  • When any certain content of website goes viral.

Above are the some of real time example of spike testing . 

Fig. Spike Testing in performance testing
Objective of Spike Testing 
Main objective of spike testing given below .
  • To determine the behaviour of an application when there is there is unexpected rise and fall of load.
  • To determine the recovery time between 2 successive spike of load.
Fig. Spike Testing with example
How to Perform Spike Testing ?
There are some basic process which we have to follow to do spike testing .

  • Setup Test Environment 
  • Determine Extreme load
  • Increase Load to peak 
  • Analysis on peak point 
  • Fall the load to Zero
  • Analysis on minimum load 
  • Perform graph analysis
Spike Testing Tools
By using all the performance testing tools we can perform the spike testing , Some of famous spike testing tools which used by the performance tester in real time world .Those spike testing tools are -
  • Apache Jmeter 
  • Load Runner 
Advantage of Spike Testing
Main advantage of spike testing given below.
  • Determine the consequences relate to the sudden change in end user
  • To determine the recovery time between 2 successive spike of load.
Disadvantage of spike Testing 
The only disadvantage of spike testing is 
  • Main disadvantage of spike testing is that , this is an expensive testing process , Cost of money  , time , resource.
Hope !!! Above tutorial of spike testing with example helpful for you...
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