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Scalability Testing In Software Testing With Example

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Scalability Testing In Software Testing With Example

What is Scalability Testing?
Scalability testing is a type of performance testing in which an application's performance is measured when a number of user requests are scaled up and scaled down. Scalability testing can be performed on hardware, database, and software. The main purpose of scalability testing is to ensure that software can handle the estimated number of users, data volume frequency, transactions, etc.

Scalability testing mainly focuses on the behaviour of an application when tested under excess load or deployed to a large system. Scalability testing also delivers the info regarding the application threshold limit. In software engineering, scalability testing measures the point where the application stops scaling.

Scalability Testing is-
  • A type of performance testing. 
  • A kind of software testing.
  • A Non-functional Testing Methodology.

Scalability Testing Example

Below is the example of scalability testing given.

Why does Scalability Testing? 

The following are the reasons to do scalability testing.

  • Scalability testing helps to determine how the software or application scales with increasing workload.
  • it helps to determine server-side robustness and degradation.
  • scalability testing helps to determine the user limit for the software application.
  • It also helps to determine client-side degradation and end-user experience under load.
Scalability Testing Attribute
Following are the important scalability testing attribute 
  • Response Time
  • Throughput
  • CPU usage 
  • Memory usage 
  • Network Usage 
  • Webserver 
  • Performance measurement under load
  • performance measurement with the number of users.
  • Request, transaction, hit per second.
How to do Scalability Testing?
Below are the steps for doing scalability testing given.

  • Define a process that is repeatable for executing scalability testing.
  • Determine the criteria for scalability testing.
  • Determine the software tools required to carry out the testing.
  • Set the environment, configuration, and hardware requirements to execute scalability testing.
  • Create and verify the visual script.
  • Create and verify the load test scenarios.
  • Execute the test.
  • Evaluate the result.
  • Generate the required report.
Scalability Testing vs Load Testing
Scalability Testing :
Load Testing : 

Hope !! The above tutorial on scalability testing with examples is helpful for you...

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fig. Scalability Testing With Example 

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