Scalability Testing With Example

What is Scalability  Testing ?
Scalability testing is a type of performance testing in which an application performance measured when number of user request are scale up and scale down . Scalability testing can be performed at hard ware , database and software . The main purpose of scalability testing is to ensure that software can handle the estimated number of user , data volume frequency , transaction etc.

Scalability testing mainly focused on the behaviour of an application when tested under excess load or deployed to large system . Scalability testing also delivers the info regarding the application threshold limit .In software engineering scalability testing measure the point where the application stops scaling.

Scalability testing is-
A type of performance testing. 
A kind of software testing .
A Non-functional Testing methodology .

Scalability Testing Example
Below the example of scalability testing given.

Why do Scalability Testing 
Following are the reason to do scalability testing.

  • Scalability testing helps to determine the how the software or application scales with increasing workload.
  • it helps to determine server side robustness and degradation.
  • scalability testing helps to determine the user limit for the software application.
  • It also helps to determine client-side degradation and end user experience under load.

Scalability Testing Attribute
Following are the important scalability testing attribute 

  • Response Time
  • Throughput
  • CPU usage 
  • Memory usage 
  • Network Usage 
  • Web server 
  • Performance measurement under load
  • performance measurement with number of user.
  • Request , transaction , hit per second .
How to do Scalability Testing ?
Below the steps for doing scalability testing given.

  • Define a process that is repeatable for executing scalability testing .
  • Determine the criteria for scalability testing.
  • Determine the software tools required to carry out the testing.
  • Set the environment , configure ,hardware requirement to execute scalability testing.
  • Create and verify visual script.
  • Create and verify the load test scenarios.
  • Execute the test.
  • Evaluate the result.
  • Generate required report.
Scalability Testing vs Load Testing
Scalability Testing :
Load Testing : 

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fig. Scalability Testing With Example 

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